I resigned as director of 2ndfactory, but am joining to Infragistics, and still experience architect. :)

At end of this August, I resigned as director of 2ndfactory, and am joining to Infragistics from this September. 

I’m pretty excited about this new challenge. Actually I had several chance to work with Infragistics people, including my speaking at their DevDays. These activities inspire me to rediscover what I want to do, what I want to be. This is not direct reason to change, but I’m sure much inspired from them.

In Infragistics, I am going to pursue the “Tao of Experience Architect” at a high, global level. First of all, now I’m planning new UX training in Japan as part of this exploration.

Please keep in touch with 2ndfactory people, they are one of the most capable agency (they call themselves “hybrid integrator” ) in Japan. We already have good relationship between 2ndfactory and Infragistics, but I’m trying to deepen this.

Anyway, new day is coming, my new challenge is started. See you again soon, friends!

P.S. I am going to attend MS BUILD windows conference at Anaheim, this september. If you were there, please say hi to me and go out for drink together !

team model of 2ndfactory

I discussed with Arturo Toledo about our ongoing project. In this mail thread he mentioned about my PPT slides with graphic element, if I could post these preso, it would be great even without more words. I am too much flattered, but I decided to try post by images. As one of Japanese, sometimes I have communication problem because of my English skill. But as he said so, images talks. Here’s my first experimental post. These are slides about our team model. (I have to write tools / Roles relationship one for Adobe, with Flash Catalyst next.)

our team model

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finally – I bought an iPhone

数日前から、ラップトップのメイン環境をMac OSXに戻しました。既に使い始めてから2年半になるMacBook Proですが、全く問題がありません。BootCampパーティションにはWindows環境を入れて使っており、重い作業でなければParallelsで動かしています。あらためて使ってみると、やはり使い心地はいいですね。Vistaもかなりいい線いっていますが、慣れの問題もあると思います。

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