I’m speaking at MIX 08.

I’m speaking at MIX 08 for designer / developer workflow panel and technical session.


Making it Simple: Designer/Developer Workflow

Speaker(s): Marcelo Marer (Avenue A Razorfish), Ken Azuma (Second Factory), Robby Ingebretsen (Identity Mine), Ryan Lane (Wunderman), Mark Ligameri (frog design), Christian Schormann (MODERATOR), Robert Tuttle (frog design)
Audience(s): Creative
Session Type: Panel
How do you combine a designer’s vision with the requirements of productive software? Left brain/Right brain workflow is a sophisticated problem that impacts us all but has no easy answers. Industry experts will share their learnings and invite you to join in on a lively discussion about the merits and costs of different approaches.

Internationalizing XAML Applications in Windows Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Silverlight

Speaker(s): Ken Azuma (Second Factory)
Audience(s): Technical
Session Type: Breakout
Learn how the designer/developer workflow can be used and managed in building applications that can be internationalized. This session is based on real-world experience in building Windows Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Silverlight applications in the Japanese market, but the concepts apply to all internationalized applications.


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