installing windows 7 (build 7000) on MacBook

I installed windows 7 (build 7000) on my MacBook unibody. However, because of version check of boot camp installer, we need to several preparation for installing boot camp with windows 7. Here’s my workaround. I used install DVD from MacBook, I think there is a difference with sale version of leopard DVD. But I think it might works.

1. After windows 7 installation, copy your all of boot camp folder to somewhere.
2. Download msi editing tool like orca ( ).
3. Open /boot camp/drivers/apple/BootCamp.msi with orca. (or something) If you used X64, open BootCamp64.msi .
4. Remove “LaunchCondition” table. with this entry, boot camp installer check version of windows. (with orca, click “LaunchCondition” and right click, then select “drop table”)
5. Start setup.exe in root folder. Then update with apple software update and windows update.

Most of information are from apple discussion forum. Thanks a lot !